Monday, July 23, 2012

Journal 6: Ten reasons to get rid of homework (and five alternatives)

Spencer, J. (2011, 09 19). Ten reasons to get rid of homework (and five alternatives). Retrieved from

In this article the author speaks about his personal experience with assigninging homework and more so gives readers ten reasons why homework does not help students. Some of the more compelling reasons he states is the time limitation given to students. This limitation grows as students get older and join sport teams and clubs allowing less time for school. I have seen this with my eldest son who was a straight A student before he joined baseball but because of the time practicing secdual he often was doing homework late into the night and his grades suffered.  Also, he point out that while some students do have time to do homework others are busy taking care of siblings something which might sound like an excuse but clearly doesn’t not make homework time equal or fair to all. Another reason he claims is that most homework is bad or that is it doesn’t engage or foster learning. I believe that some educators see homework as a repition tool rather then an oprotunity to inspire a student to engage in their own learning. If we came up with better opportunities at home students might be more engaged in their education. He also touches on the subject of homework as demotivational rather than motivational. That by making homework mandatory you instantly take choise away from students making the assignment no longer interesting and demotivating them to work.

Five alternatives to homework
1)   Ask students to log on to edmodo, or twitter and write about something they learned that day and why.
2)   Give students the opportunity to come up with their own assignment
3)   Ask Students to talk to a parent about what they learned and see if their parent know anything about the topic.
4)   Send students on a YouTube scavenger hunt to find interesting videos about that days topics.
5)   Ask students to be creative and represent what they learned or their frustrations about what they learned by writing drawing singing or any other form of expression.  


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