Monday, July 9, 2012

Journal 1 100 Things that make me Happy

1) My wife makes me Happy every day.
2) My two kids
3) My iPhone apps every one of them.
4) My dog even though she is crazy.
5) I love creating music.
6) I love writing stories for my wife.
7) I love being a geek that is social.
8) I love my Ipad.
9) I love when it rains hard.
10) I love when people laugh.
11) I love the computer program Flash.
12) Hacking anything just to see if I can.
13) I love cooking for my family.
14) I also love watching crazy people in Vegas!
15) I love when I tell my wife she is beautiful and she believes me.
16) Going on family trips to anywhere.
17) I love to hate nothing.
18) I love being so close to becoming and educator.
19) I love the sound of the ocean when the sun rises and sets.
20) I love when my computer just works.
21) I love Apple products.
22) I love to read books that challenge me beliefs.
23) I love to challenge others beliefs.
24) I love when I’m surprised by science.
25) I love waiting in line for apple products.
26) I love going to midnight movies.
27) My running shoes make me happy.
28) Seeing my parents still in love.
29) Walking and talking with my wife.
30) Creating web animations with my childhood friend.
31) Earl of sandwich makes me really happy.
32) My Xbox makes me happy.
33) Not having to drive makes me very happy.
34) Showing someone how to do something new on the iphone
35) learning how to do something new on the iphone
36) The world of color show at Disneyland
37) Reading about new science discoveries
38) Tivo, yes the Tivo makes me happy.
39) Bumping into friends.
40) Getting packages in the mail.
41) Listening to audio books
42) Watching my wife read next to me.
43) Magnets of all kinds.
44) Flashlights of all kinds.
45) A cup of coffee on a cold day
46) Finding the perfect gift for someone
47) Doing anything creative with my computer.
48) Fixing broken things.
49) Taking apart things broken or not.
50) Taking long hot showers
51) Popcorn and a movie at home.
52) My Gameboy on a long trip.
53) Finding new Music.
54) Going to large concerts.
55) Shopping on black Friday.
56) Finding inspiration to write.
57) Telling a great story to friends.
58) Watching my kids succeed
59) Playing any Mario videogame
60) Getting lost in my own thoughts.
61) Seeing my wife face when I walk through the door.
62) Fixing my music collection in iTunes
63) Getting lost with out having anyplace to go.
64) Drinking a cold drink on a hot day.
65) Opening and using a new pencil
66) Fixing someone computer
67) Making technology seem exciting to everyone
68) Warm soup when I’m sick.
69) Learning about history
70) Getting email that matters.
71) When a new season of my favorite show starts.
72) Wining at a game.
73) Touch screens
74) Touching buttons to see what they do.
75) Walking around zoos
76) Universal Studio’s tram ride.
77) Free cool software
78) My new Numark DJ controller.
79) Watching my kids Grow up.
80) Any book by Michael Crichton
81) Watching highlander the TV series
82) Finding the right wire in a box full of them
83) New socks
84) Watching my wife chase animals to photograph them.
85) Feeling like I can make a difference.
86) Shopping for her technology.
87) Ice cream
88) Date nights with my Wife.
89) Cleaning the cars makes me Happy.
90) Seeing Snow but being warm.
91) Listing to the wind blow hard.
92) Watching the Web series “The Guild”
93) 50% charge on my iPhone at the end of the day.
94) Teaching anyone anything.
95) Staying out all night for no reason.
96) Getting enough sleep.
97) Young adult books!
98) Walking in the rain
99) The feel of a clean Razor
100) Going to Disney world

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